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Boerne ISD Surprises 10,000th Student

10,000th studentAugust 17, 2021- The Boerne Independent School District announced record-breaking enrollment last week. Yesterday, Superintendent Dr. Thomas Price surprised the 10,000th and 10,0001st students, the DePablo family. The DePablo family attends Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary school and were the two students who put the district over the 10,000 enrollment mark.

Boerne ISD currently has 10,220 students enrolled, surpassing the goal of 10,137. Due to the increase in enrollment, Boerne ISD will not be required to pay recapture or “Robin Hood” payments to the state. Over the past several years Boerne ISD has paid over $100 million dollars of taxpayer dollars to the state as a recapture district.

Boerne ISD congratulates the DePablo family on being the district’s 10,000th and 10,0001st students.