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Boerne ISD, Law Enforcement Agencies, Agree to Add School Resource Officers

SRO announcementJune 21, 2022- Boerne ISD, along with the Boerne and Fair Oaks Ranch Police Departments, and the Kendall County Sheriff’s Office, have agreed to work aggressively toward assigning each Boerne ISD campus with a designated School Resource Officer beginning in the 2022-23 school year. This collaboration is in an effort to strengthen safety and security measures at all Boerne ISD facilities.

The City of Boerne will provide eight officers, while the City of Fair Oaks Ranch and Kendall County will provide two officers/deputies each, ensuring that each campus has a uniformed member of law enforcement stationed on site.

BISD and the law enforcement agencies share the costs associated with SRO’s. School Resource Officers (SRO’s) are certified law enforcement officers responsible for safety and crime prevention in schools. SRO’s are active members of local law enforcement and have extensive background and training and will continue to train for the various scenarios.

In addition to the increase in SRO’s, Boerne ISD continues to thoroughly review its safety and security protocols, such as performing an internal and external safety audit, screening all visitors though Raptor visitor management, as well as the use of multiple layers of security that are visible and not visible.

*PHOTO- Members of the Boerne and Fair Oaks Ranch Police Departments, as well as the Kendall County Sheriff's office.