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Boerne ISD to Pay Recapture

RecaptureAugust 17, 2022- The Boerne Independent School District was officially notified that it continues to be classified as a property-wealthy, or chapter 49 "Robin Hood" District, and is expected to pay excess revenue to the state in 2022-23 based on projected enrollment and resulting ADA.

BISD is expected to pay at least $7.5 million dollars or more this year, which means over half of the increase in this year’s tax levy goes to the State. BISD is estimated to pay at least $13.5 million dollars to the state next year.

The district has sent over $115 million dollars to the state over the past 15-plus years, while still lowering the tax rate by a total of 18 cents since 2019.

The estimated recapture payment for BISD will fluctuate throughout the school year based on a variety of factors.