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Employee Handbook Online

Welcome to the online edition of the Employee Handbook. The purpose of the handbook is to provide information that will help with questions. Not all district policies and procedures are included. Those that are have been summarized. Numerous Board Policies are referred to in or referenced at the beginning of the various sections of the handbook. You will be able to access a specific Board Policy by clicking on the designation for that policy. That process will also allow you access to all other Board Policies. Please do not hesitate to direct any questions to Personnel about the handbook or Board Policies. We are willing to assist in any way. 

You must acknowledge receipt of the handbook by e-mail. We must have a record that you "received" the latest version of the handbook. All employees will receive notice when the handbook is updated or amended. We will consider your receipt of the handbook by e-mail as confirmation of your choice to receive the handbook in electronic form. 

ANY EMPLOYEE MAY REQUEST A HARD COPY OF THE HANDBOOK. Please make your request to the Personnel Department and we will get one to you promptly. Hard copies of the handbook are kept and made available for inspection at the Central Office, all campus offices, all school libraries, the Alternative Center, the Transportation Department, and Meadowland. If you elect to receive a hard copy of the handbook or if the Personnel Department determines that you should receive one, you will be required to sign a written form wherein you acknowledge having received it. That form must be returned to the Personnel Department promptly. 

It is important that you be notified of certain Board policies that concern the well-being of students, staff and faculty. In this regard, you are formally instructed to take note of and view the following:

1. Harassment policies: The Boerne ISD prohibits all inappropriate and illegal sexual harassment, abuse and conduct between employees themselves, between employees and students, and between students themselves. For policies addressing these situations, please see Board policies FFH (LEGAL) and FFH (LOCAL); DH (LOCAL); DH (EXHIBIT); FNC (LOCAL); DIA (LEGAL); AND DIA (LOCAL).

2. Child abuse and neglect: All reports of child abuse and neglect must be reported to Child Protective Services and/or other law enforcement agencies or authorities within 48 hours of the discovery of the abuse or neglect. For policies addressing these situations, please see Board policies FFG (LEGAL), FFG (EXHIBIT), GRA (LEGAL), GRA(LOCAL) and GRA (EXHIBIT).

3. Drug-free workplace: State and Federal laws require that the District create and maintain a drug-free workplace. For policies addressing these requirements, please see Board policies DH (LEGAL), DH (LOCAL), DH (EXHIBIT) and DI(LEGAL), DI (LOCAL), DI (EXHIBIT).

4. Employment policies: Education Code Section 21.204(d) requires the District to provide its employees with a copy of its employment policies. For policies addressing employment related matters, please see Board policies DAA - Equal Employment Opportunity; DBAA - Criminal History and Credit Reports; DBD (LEGAL), DBD (LOCAL), DBD (EXHIBIT) - Conflict of Interest; DC (LEGAL), DC (LOCAL) - Employment Practices; DCB (LEGAL), DCB (LOCAL) - Term Contracts; DEA (LEGAL), DEA (LOCAL) - Salary, Wages and Stipends; DEAA (LEGAL), DEAA (LOCAL) - Incentives and Stipends; DEC (LEGAL), DEC (LOCAL) - Leaves and Absences; DECA - Family and Medical Leave; DECB - Military Leave; DFAC - Return to Probationary Status; DFBA (SERIES) - Termination of Contracts; DFD (LEGAL), DFD(LOCAL) - Hearings Before Hearing Examiner; DFE (LEGAL), DFE (LOCAL) - Resignation; DFFDFFA (LOCAL), DFFA(EXHIBIT), DFFB (LOCAL) - Reduction in Force; DG - Employee Rights and Privileges; DGBA (LEGAL), DGBA(LOCAL) - Employee Complaints/Grievances; DH (LEGAL), DH (LOCAL), DH (EXHIBIT) - Employee Standards of Conduct; FFH (LEGAL), FFH (LOCAL) - Harassment; FFH (LEGAL), FFH (LOCAL) - Sexual Harassment/Sexual Abuse; DHE (LEGAL), DHE (LOCAL), DHE (EXHIBIT) - Searches and Drug/Alcohol Testing; DI (LEGAL), DI (LOCAL), DI(EXHIBIT) - Employee Welfare; DIA (LEGAL), DIA (LOCAL) - Freedom from Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation; DK (LEGAL), DK (LOCAL) - Assignment and Schedules; DN (SERIES) - Performance Appraisal; and, FNC(LEGAL), FNC (LOCAL) Students' Rights and Responsibilities.

5. Bullying: The District prohibits bullying of students as well as retaliation against anyone involved in the complaint process. For policies addressing these situations, please see board policy FFI (Local).

6. Student Discipline: Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code addresses numerous elements of student discipline. Please see this link to Chapter 37 together with Board Polices FN (LOCAL), FO (LEGAL) and FO (LOCAL).

Training on harassment, discrimination, bullying, and child abuse and neglect is required and can be found here. Training is mandatory for each employee and must be completed yearly.

This year's changes to the handbook are underlined for your easy reference. Please review the entire handbook carefully.

Thank you for your cooperation. As always, please direct all questions and comments to the Human Resources Department.

2019-20 BISD Employee Handbook