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KDOG School Announcements

  • The KDOG news team works hard everyday to bring you the latest school news and announcements.  If you missed the announcements for today, check out the BISDtv KDOG YouTube channel to catch up on what you missed!

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Boerne Public Library

  • Boerne's Patrick Heath Public Library (PHPL) Website

    Check out the Patrick Heath Public Library's website (shown below) to find resources, events, and programs available to middle and high school students!  The PHPL website and teen hub staff are a gerat resource available to all secondary Boerne ISD students.  The Teen Hub, located on the second floor of the PHPL offers curbside service to teens wishing to check out materials!  Use the PHPL app or call in to reserve your books over the summer and school holidays!


Patrick Heath Public Library has it all for teens - great books, computer access, and cool programs throughout the year. Teens, are you on Facebook? "Like" us to receive the latest updates and information on upcoming events!

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