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  • Here at Van Raub we want to allow our student to explore as many interests as possible!

    Some of the activities and clubs students can participate in include:

    - Genius Hour on Fridays, a time for students to join in for an hour of discovery! 

    - Language: Russian, sign language

    - Cooking

    - Rubrics Cubes

    - Dive deeper into your favorite subjects with: Math, Art, & Science Clubs

    - Crochet

    - Kindness club

    - Recycling 

    - Chess

    - Sports (from around the world)

    - MakerSpace

    - Coding

    - Morning Show

    - Reporters

    - Yearbook club 

    - After school, we have choir with Mr. McGeachin 

    - Get outside and join Garden Club with Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Plant!

    Note: There are more clubs not listed that occur in 4, 9 week sessions for Genius Hour.

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