Welcome Military families

    Boerne ISD is proud to support those who serve our country and who have children in our district.

    At Van Raub Elementary, we value and welcome our military families! 
    We appreciate your service and want to make the transition to Van Raub as seamless as possible. We have posted resources to help our military families on this page, and we encourage our district's military families to take advantage of those resources. We strive to make every military-connected family in our district feel like they are home. 

    Resolution to Declare Commitment to Military Families
    Whereas, military families sacrifice greatly for our nation's security and well-being, often enduring frequent relocations and separations from loved ones,
    Whereas, children from military families face unique challenges, including adjusting to new schools and communities on a regular basis,
    Whereas, it is our responsibility as an educational institution to support all students, including those from military families, and provide them with the resources and support they need to thrive academically, socially, and emotionally,
    Therefore, be it resolved that:
    We, Van Raub Elementary, hereby declare our unwavering commitment to supporting military families. We recognize and honor the sacrifices they make and the challenges they endure in service to our country.
    We will strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment that embraces military-connected students and their families. We will promote empathy, understanding, and respect for their unique experiences and backgrounds.
    We will provide targeted support services to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of military-connected students. This includes counseling services, transition support, and resources to facilitate continuity in their education despite frequent moves.
    We will collaborate with military support organizations and community partners to enhance our support network for military families. Through partnerships and outreach efforts, we will ensure that military families feel valued, supported, and connected to our school community.
    We will raise awareness and foster appreciation for military families among our student body, staff, and wider community. Through educational initiatives, events, and activities, we will promote understanding and gratitude for the sacrifices made by military families.
    We will continuously evaluate and improve our efforts to support military families, seeking feedback from parents, students, and community stakeholders to ensure that our programs and services are meeting their needs effectively.

  • Campus Military Family Liaison:

    Erica Herbert



    (830) 357-4100

    The Military Family Liaison (MFL) is recognized as one of the strongest supports for addressing the social and emotional needs of military parents, families, and military-connected students.

    The MFL's major duties and responsibilities include:

    • Helps to integrate military-connected students into the campus.
    • Advises the Student 
    • Coordinates with the Ambassador program with transition for military-connected students and their families.
    • Communicates with principal, teachers, students and parents upon arrival of a military family.
    • Interact with students on campus.
    • Advocates and provides program information and support to military families.
  • Student Ambassador Supervisor

    Heather Maloney   

    School Counselor



    Our Student Ambassador program is designed to give students a voice and to learn leadership skills. When you arrive for the first day at Van Raub Elementary, you will be matched with a Student Ambassador who will give you a tour of campus, introduce you to the office, administration and counseling staff, and show you to your classroom. They are here to assist with your transition to our school. 

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    Interstate Compact

    Texas participates in the Interstate Compact on Educational Opportunities for Military Children.

    The Department of Defense provides tool kits for military families that explain the rights and resources involved in the Compact on the DoD Interstate Compact webpage.

    The Military Interstate Children’s Compact Commission (MIC3) provides information to military families that may prove useful in navigating transitions from one assignment to another, as well as resources around educational rights and resources. Visit the MIC3 website (www.mic3.net) or download a copy of the MIC3 “A Military Family’s Guide to School Transitions.”



    Post-Service Information

    We know that so many military families, after they have completed their service, continue to want to serve and play a role in their communities. Boerne ISD has a wide variety of volunteer opportunities, and we welcome your contact. We will gladly help you identify roles in our school community that can help meet your personal needs. Also, don’t forget to check the BoerneISD Volunteers Page for opportunities that may be of interest if you are transitioning out of active service.


    Military Connected Families Needs Survey

    Your feedback is crucial in helping us better understand the needs and experiences of military families who enroll their children in elementary schools. The information gathered will be used to improve our enrollment process and ensure that we are providing adequate support to military families.

    Please take a few minutes to complete the following survey. Click here