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Updated May 20, 2020- New/Updated Rumors Listed on Top

  • I heard that school is canceled for the year.

    This is not true. On April 17th, Governor Abbott announced that all Texas schools will remain closed for the rest of the school year. HOWEVER, distance learning will continue for the remainder of the school year at Boerne ISD. 

    I hear
    d that graduation has been canceled.

    This is not true. We have been given guidelines from the Texas Education Agency as to how to safely hold commencement ceremonies. Both graduations will be in-person, CHS June 4th and BHS June 5th. For more information regarding graduation ceremonies please click here

    I heard that elementary school attendance zones may be realigned this year, can you confirm?

    Yes, this is true. We are proposing two options to realign elementary school attendance zones. Please see the Attendance Zones and Boundaries for the proposed zone realignment for 2020-21.

    I heard that all students will be required to repeat their grade next school year, is this true?

    No, this is not true at all. Please see our grading guidelines


    I heard that grades will be given out for the rest of the school year.

    Yes, this is true. Our committee has finalized the grading guidelines for packets and online classes. Principals emailed the guidelines to parents, and the information is on our website, here 


    I heard that our teachers are not working at all and are still getting paid.

    This is not true. Our teachers are still working to educate their students and continue their lesson plans for the school year. Online distance learning began on March 18th and has continued during the closure. Our teachers have done a great job of being creative during online learning to reach their students on a day to day basis.


    I heard that BISD has been encouraging social distancing.

    Yes, this is very true! We are strongly encouraging our students to stay home and minimize social interactions outside of the household at this time. Social distancing is very important to practice right now.


    I heard that my senior is able to get a transcript to send with their college application.

    Absolutely, this is true. Requests for student records can be made by emailing Dr. Elaine Howard. Records may be picked up when ready at the district office at 235 Johns Rd.

    **Note: this information can be found in Skyward as well.


    I heard that students who are 504 are not getting the additional help that they need.

    This is not true. BISD staff is working to meet the needs of all students who receive special program services. If you have specific concerns regarding your child’s 504 or IEP accommodations/modifications at this time, please reach out to your campus 504 coordinator or Special Education case manager. Staff will be available via email to answer any questions and help support students. We appreciate your patience and flexibility in meeting your student’s needs through the distance/remote learning format.


    I heard that students can get driving records from the district at this time.

    This is 100% true. Requests for student records can be made by emailing Dr. Elaine Howard. Records may be picked up when ready at the district office at 235 Johns Rd.


    I heard that the academy students are not going to be able to complete their program.

    This is not true. Our academy director will be in contact with students about their specific programs.


    I heard that students who do not have access to WiFi at home are still able to complete their assignments, how is this possible?

    This is absolutely true. Students who do not have access to technology or the internet at home will be able to continue their learning at home by picking up a paper packet of assignments from their campus each week during packet pick up.  

    Packet Pick up days are being held every Friday at each school campus. Elementary School 8:30-9:30am, Middle School 9-10am, High School 9:30-10:30am. Should you miss the packet pick up, please contact your school principal to make other arrangements.

    GVTC has also provided drive-up Wi-Fi hot spots at Boerne High School, Boerne Middle School South, and Hill Country Family Services, located at 118 Advogt St. Students can access the wi-fi in the parking lots of those locations.


    I heard that BISD is providing a meal service?

    That is correct! We have been providing a drive-through meal service during the extended school closure. Please visit the Meal Service webpage for more information.


    I heard that if my financial situation has changed I can apply to receive meals through Boerne ISD?

    Yes, this is absolutely correct. If your financial situation has changed, you can complete a Free or Reduced Meal application so that you can utilize our meal service. Complete the application online, here.



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