Boerne ISD Transportation Banner
  • Boerne ISD operates bus routes covering every corner of the 359-square-mile district. Eligible students are invited to ride buses for increased safety and convenience. The Texas Education Agency and Boerne ISD provides transportation if the following requirements are met:

    • The student must live more than TWO MILES from their assigned school as measured by the shortest route that may be traveled on public roads from the student's home to school.
    • The student must reside in the district and in the attendance area of the school they attend. If a student does not attend the school in their attendance area, bus transportation is not provided.

    Parents: Please note that you must live more than TWO MILES from the school your child is assigned to attend to qualify for bus transportation. This is a state regulation and district policy.

    If you have questions or need assistance please call the transportation department at (830) 357-2970.

Bus Rules and Safety Tips

  • Here are some rules and safety tips to make your child's bus ride a safe and enjoyable experience.

    1. Students should be at their bus stop about 5 minutes BEFORE the bus' arrival time.
    2. Students MUST stay at least 6 feet away from the curb or edge of road. This keeps children safe from road traffic.
    3. Students that must cross streets need to wait for the Bus driver to signal that it is safe BEFORE they cross.
    4. Children should NEVER run across the street when rushing to the School Bus!
    5. Have students form a line BEFORE the bus arrives at the stop. This keeps the loading zone safe and helps the students load the bus faster.