Safety & Security
  • At Boerne ISD, it is a priority to ensure the physical safety and emotional well-being of all students, staff, and visitors. Each day at our campuses, safety measures are in place to facilitate a safe and healthy learning environment.  During a crisis, it is our goal to protect lives and property, respond to emergencies promptly and appropriately, coordinate with first responders, aid in recovery, and help to restore normal school operations as quickly as possible. The information below highlights some of the ways we work together to support BISD.  

  • Emergency Response Protocols

  • Visitors and Guests

  • See Something Say Something - P3 Confidential Reporting

  • School Resource Officers (SROs)

  • Safety and Security Committee

  • Safety Initiatives

  • See Something Say Something

Boerne ISD Safety Alert Color Codes


  • Emergency and Crisis Q&A
  • Digital Safety: Family Online Safety
  • Digital Safety: Internet Matters
  • Digital Safety: Cyber Tip Line

Our Safety Team

  • Chief of Safety and Security
    Rick Goodrich
    830.357.2146 Email Rick Goodrich

    Campus Safety Programs, SROs
    Safety & Security, Coordinator

    Systems Controls
    Jason Davis - Systems Controls Specialist
    830.357.2150 Email Jason Davis

    Safety & Security Program Compliance

    Sean Babcock - Chief Technology Officer
    830.357.2110 Email Sean Babcock

    Psychological Health Initiatives
    Krista Pomeroy -  Director of Student Support
    830.357.2058 Email Krista Pomeroy

    Law Enforcement Partners
    City of Boerne Police Department
    Fair Oaks Ranch Police Department
    Kendall County Sherrif's Department