• Non-Curricular Clubs

    In Boerne ISD, we feel that part of the public school experience is for each student to have a group of students and activities that support the academic portion of the school.  We value and encourage students to be part of school organizations and clubs.  These groups supplement and enrich the required academic workload by providing experience in collaboration, leadership, and service.

    There are two types of “clubs” for students in Boerne ISD, Curricular Clubs and Non-Curriculum related Student Groups (or Non-Curricular Clubs).

    Curricular Clubs are linked to specific content in the district curriculum.  These are school-sponsored  “standing clubs” that exist year over year.  While these clubs have a student leadership component, they have a faculty sponsor that may support their activities. 

    Non-Curricular Clubs are student-initiated and driven.  These clubs start over each year as they are driven by the interests of the current student body. Non-Curricular clubs are only available to secondary students.

    Each year the campus will open a window for new club applications. This window will open the second week of school and it will close on the last school day in September. A list of approved noncurricular clubs along with faculty monitors and meeting dates and times will be posted on this page after applications have been reviewed.

    Students seeking to start a noncurricular club must:

    • Submit a request, using the district Annual Application for the Establishment of a NonCurriculum Related Student Group, Club or Organization (see Appendix A).
    • Gain the consent of a faculty member to monitor the club/organization. The proposed monitor must complete and return an Employee Acceptance and Acknowledgement to Serve as Monitor Non-curriculum-Related Student Groups/Clubs (see Appendix B).
    • Develop a set of by-laws, that follow the district non-curricular club bylaw guidelines (see club bylaw guidelines).
    • Submit all forms, Annual Application for the Establishment of a Non-Curriculum Related Student Group, Club or Organization , Employee Acceptance and Acknowledgement to Serve as Monitor Non-curriculumRelated Student Groups/Clubs; and a copy of the by-laws to the office of the campus principal.

    The Student Clubs Handbook and forms are linked in the sidebar to the right of this page.

    Expectations of All Clubs

    Both Curricular and Non-Curricular Clubs are expected to:

    • Obtain approval for additional club activities that take place on campus
    • Obtain approval for any communications, postings or flyers that will be distributed outside of the assigned club meeting place/time.
    • Obtain approval for guest speakers to come on campus (see BISD Agreement and Guidelines for Guest Speakers)
    • Obtain parent permission to participate in club meetings and activities that occur on campus
  • Clubs Handbook

Student Clubs Files & Forms

  • Student Clubs Handbook
  • Annual Application for the Establishment of a Non-Curriculum Related Student Organization
  • Employee Acceptance and Acknowledgment to Serve as Monitor Non-Curriculum-Related Student Group
  • Permission Form for Participation in a Student Club
  • Guidelines for Non-Curriculum Related Club By-Laws
  • Request for Approval of Additional Club Activities Form
  • Student Clubs Presentation