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Dual Language Program

  • The Boerne ISD Dual Language Program employs a Dual Language Immersion/Two-Way bi-literacy program model. The program goal is to help students become bilingual and bi-literate in English and Spanish by integrating fairly equal numbers of native Spanish speaking children with native English speaking children for instruction.

    Research shows Two-Way Dual Language to be the best bilingual program model for the long-term success of English Language Learners, a required service in Texas schools. It has the added benefit of being an enrichment program for the English-dominant students who participate.

    In Boerne ISD, the Dual Language Program begins in Kindergarten and continues through fifth grade.

Program Instructional Model

  • In the Dual Language Program, language learning is integrated with content instruction. Academic subjects are taught in both Spanish and English according to a 90-10 instructional model. Kindergarten and first grade students spend 90 percent of the instructional day in Spanish. In each successive year, the amount of English is increased by 10 percent until fourth grade when 50 percent of the instructional day is in Spanish and 50 percent is in English. This 50/50 balance of languages is maintained in fourth and fifth grades.

Enrollment Process

  • The enrollment process begins at Kindergarten Round-Up each year. Parents indicate interest in the program as they register their child for school and then are invited to attend a parent orientation meeting. A lottery system is held if there is greater interest than space available.


English Learner Resources

  • 2020-2021 PROGRAM RE-ZONING

    With the addition of two new campuses Fall 2019, BISD Dual Language Program is rezoning to accommodate the changes. Below you will find a document explaining the changes for your campuses.