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Nearly 50 Students Advance to State German Contest

February 15, 2024- Nearly 50 students from Boerne High School and Champion High School advanced to the 2024 Texas State German Contest, which will be held on Saturday, February 24 at Texas State University. German


Greyhound and Charger German students placed in the top five in their respective categories at the regional Sprachfest contest to qualify for the state competition.


Boerne High School earned second place Sweepstakes in the small school division, which is determined based on German enrollment, rather than UIL designations.


The state qualifiers are:


Boerne High School

  • Digital Logo Design – Travis Bell, Ty Morgan, Julian Wasel
  • Needlework – Leah Campbell
  • Needlework – Sara Kleeman
  • Photography – Savannah Austin
  • Poster Design – Jackson Olivo
  • Poetry Memorized, Level 3 – Jonathan Nevarez-Villa
  • Poetry Memorized, Advantaged – Jutta Schomberg
  • Prose Reading, Level 4 – Savannah Austin
  • Classical Ensemble – Savannah Austin, Travis Bell, Hailey Muir, Keira Reischling
  • Contemporary German Music – Ben Macias, David Waters, (Cole Grotjohn)
  • Folk Dance – Brady Kolle, Ellie Christianson, Jeffrey Morrison, Noelle Muir, Julian Wasel, Paulina Lopez, Keeleigh Durr, Hailey Muir, Ben Macias, Delilah Schmidt, Lila Morrison, (Cole Grotjohn, Sara Kleeman)
  • Extemporaneous Speaking, Advantaged – Jutta Schomber
  • Oral Presentation, Level 4 – Cole Grotjohn
  • Oral Presentation, Advantaged – Sara Kleeman
  • Oral Presentation, Advantaged – Ethan Christianson
  • Sight Reading, Level 3 – Jonathan Nevarez-Villa
  • Sight Reading, Level 3 – Conner McLoy
  • Advantaged Speaker Test – Ethan Christianson
  • Advantaged Speaker Test – Ellie Christianson
  • Advantaged Speaker Test – Julian Wasel
  • Culture, Level 1 – Matthew Brock
  • Culture, Level 3 – Zachary Brock
  • Spelling, Level 1 – Matthew Brock
  • Spelling, Level 2 – Jackson Olivo
  • Spelling, Level 3 – Conner McLoy
  • Research Paper: Jackson Olivo
  • Pass Auf! Varsity: Savannah Austin, Zachary Brock, Ben Macias, Hailey Muir, Jackson Olivo, Ty Morgan, David Waters

    Champion High School
  • Shirt Design: Abigail Reyburn 
  • Sight Reading: Evan Sheerin 
  • Vocal Solo: Anthony Flores-Salazar 
  • Photography: Jaqueline Staton, Brennen Smith 
  • Poetry Reading: Maddie Stanton, Elsie Sheehan
  • Poster Design: Kamala Mogga 
  • Prose Reading: Izabella Tamez, Gabriel Gomez 
  • Duet Acting: Mia Mensi and Anthony Flores-Salazar
  • Gingerbread House Traditional: Carson and Kylee Flamm, Jack Hankins, John Toczynski
  • Gingerbread House non-traditional: Nicolai Forster, Dusty Turley
  • Photo Essay: Lauren Winslow
  • Oral Presentation: Kylee Flamm
  • Needlework: Geneva Clark