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Identification (ID) Badges Now Required for all High School Students

The Boerne Independent School District wants its students, staff, and parents to know the priority we place on safety and security. Proactive measures include digital video recording throughout the district, security monitors, controlled access to all facilities, and School Resource Officers at district campuses. The Boerne ISD has adopted the following Student Identification Card guidelines.

ID Badges Each High School student will receive a photo ID badge and BISD lanyard at the beginning of the year. The ID badges are not Radio Frequency Identification badges (RFID). Throughout the school day, students must clearly display their ID around the neck with a lanyard. Additionally, anytime students are on BISD property—after-school activities, school-sponsored events, etc.— students may be asked by any District Official to produce the student ID to confirm the status as BISD student. The badges may also be used to check out library books and textbooks, to purchase food items in the cafeteria, and to provide easy identification of students in common areas of the school. Students will be required to wear the lanyard and ID at all times unless the lanyard and ID pose a safety concern for a class activity, such as PE or a science lab. Teachers will instruct students to remove their lanyard and ID if there is a safety concern for the class activity.

If a student loses the ID, a replacement must be purchased promptly from the designated school office/location. Displayed badges will help to ensure that the student is currently enrolled in the BISD. Persons without a displayed badge can then be quickly identified as a possible intruder or unauthorized visitor.


  • ID cards must be hung on a lanyard around the neck during the entire school day.
  • ID cards must be worn with the picture facing out.
  • ID cards must not be defaced or altered (no personal stickers, no coloring, etc.)
  • ID cards must be worn on the outermost layer of clothing.

Failure to follow the requirements above may be considered a violation of the Student Code of Conduct. Consequences are as follows:

  • First Offense: Verbal Reminder
  • Second Offense: Warning
  • Third Offense: Warning with Parent Notification
  • Fourth Offense: 1 Day Lunch Detention
  • Fifth Offense: 1 Day Lunch Detention with Parent Notification
  • Sixth Offense: 2 Day Lunch Detention with Parent Notification

New ID cards and lanyards will be issued each school year. While every student's first ID card and lanyard is provided at no cost, we will maintain the policy of a $5 replacement fee to be charged for any damaged or lost cards. BISD lanyards can be replaced at a cost of $2 each.