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10 Boerne ISD Campuses Earn Energy Star Award

Energy Star October 16, 2020- The Boerne Independent School District announced that 10 campuses were awarded the ENERGY STAR certification for 2020. BISD partnered with Cenergistic, who provided an energy conservation program that helped put energy conservation measures in-place to make incremental improvements to a well-managed HVAC system. 

The 10 BISD ENERGY STAR campuses are: Boerne and Champion High Schools, Boerne Middle School North and South, as well as elementary schools Kendall, Cibolo Creek, Curington, Fabra, Fair Oaks Ranch, and Van Raub. These campuses achieved ENERGY STAR scores in the top 25% nationally. BISD’s newest campuses, Herff and Voss, have not been operational for enough time to have data available for consideration for the ENERGY STAR award.

“We are extremely proud to have 10 different Boerne ISD campuses achieve the ENERGY STAR rating,” said Henry Acosta, BISD Chief Operations Officer . “We would like to thank Cenergistic and their team of professionals for their tremendous partnership with Boerne ISD and helping us achieve this status,” Acosta stated. 

Cenergistic provided the engineering support required for the certification requirement of the ENERGY STAR application. 

Boerne ISD provided the feet on the ground to keep the energy conservation program improving. The daily energy conservation efforts by students, teachers, and staff contributed to these ENERGY STAR recognitions. The Operations Department’s HVAC team provided effective practices that helped all campuses conserve energy.