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Boerne ISD Orchestras All Earn Highest Rating


CHS OrchestraMay 4th, 2021- All five Boerne ISD Secondary School Orchestras earned the top honor of Sweepstakes at the 2021 UIL Region-29 Concert & Sight-Reading Evaluation. Orchestras at Boerne High School, Champion High School, Boerne Middle School North, Boerne Middle School South, and Voss Middle Schools received Sweepstakes awards.

“We are extremely proud of our Orchestras for their strong performances,” said Boerne ISD Director of Fine Arts Ken Peach. “To have all five of our secondary schools earn the highest rating is an incredible honor, and a testament to our students and directors. We couldn’t be more proud,” Peach stated.

Each group prepares a concert program chosen from the Prescribed Music List and performs them in front of three independent judges. Immediately following the concert, the musical group competes in the Sight-Reading portion of the contest. The director has a set amount of time to teach the group a completely new song that the choir, band or orchestra has never seen or played before. The primary purpose is to test musical literacy for each specific classification relative to the experience level of the group of musicians (Varsity, Non-Varsity etc.). 

For both parts of the contest, there are statewide Rubrics (Evaluation forms) that help the judges determine the overall ratings for the stage performance and the sight reading performance.