• We have an active and on-going need for mentors, both men and women. If you are interested, or would like more information please reach out using the contact information below! 

Why Mentor?

  • What would your life look like today if you had not had adults in it who cared about you, supported you, encouraged you, and advised you along the way? 

    For millions of kids in America today, feeling alone and unsupported is a reality. Hundreds of these children live in Kendall County, attend Boerne ISD schools and do not have a confident answer to the question, "Who do I turn to?" 

    Boerne ISD believes in the children of Boerne. We believe that children in Boerne matter to the community and grow best with family and community nurturing. We believe that every child has talents and gifts to share with the world and we believe that each child deserves to be guided and motivated. Because of these beliefs, Boerne ISD is passionate about investing in the future through mentoring. 

    One lunch hour each week is all it takes to make a difference.

    Get involved today!

How does it work?

  • Boerne ISD is proud to make mentoring available to all students in our district.

    Volunteer mentors are trained, vetted and then matched with a campus and student. Mentors visit their mentee once during the week during their lunch period. Mentors enjoy chatting, playing board games, helping with tutoring on occasion, and ultimately building a relationship with the child to offer support and encouragement through the challenges of growing up.

    Mentoring allows you the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a child in your community.

Whats required of me as a Mentor?

  • We ask that all mentors:

    • Make a commitment for one school year, to meet with your mentee one hour each week 
    • Complete an application, mentor plege and criminal history check form
    • Attend a BISD Mentor Workshop 
    • Mentors must be available to meet with their mentee during the student's lunch hour 




Mentor Application Documents

Be a Mentor!

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