Advanced Academics and College, Career & Military Readiness

Our Mission

  • Boerne ISD recognizes the right of all children to a challenging instructional program, which provides opportunities for the full development of their capabilities, talents and gifts. In Boerne ISD, all schools follow BISD Board Policy to identify students as gifted.

Program Description

  • Elementary G/T students are cluster-grouped into a trained teacher's classroom where a differentiated curriculum is provided and attend a pull-out program in the Challenge Lab. Secondary G/T students are served through Advanced Placement (AP), Dual Credit and Honors courses in the core areas. Middle School students are also placed in trained teacher's classroom for the core academic areas where a differentiated curriculum is provided. 

    What is Gifted and Talented?

Gifted & Talented Referral Procedures


    BISD Gifted and Talented Referral Window November 15th - December 15th for Grades 1-11


    Boerne ISD screens all kindergarten students for eligibility for gifted and talented services in December/January. Students who score at specified levels on a norm-referenced test will be identified for further assessment to determine eligibility for gifted and talented services. 

    Parents, teachers, students, or other individuals who know a student well may refer a student for gifted and talented assessment.

    Identification criteria include test scores, student product ratings, and teacher ratings. Students who meet the district standard on 3 out of 5 criteria are served through the Gifted and Talented program. 

    Assessments will be completed in the Spring Semester.  

    Placement decisions for:

    Kindergarten will be made prior to March 1st. 

    1st grade - 11th grade in late May. 



    Under HB 3, school boards are required to adopt plans in early childhood literacy and math, as well as college, career, and military readiness. All plans are required to include:

    • at least one assigned district-level administrator or employee of the regional education service center for the district’s region to coordinate implementation and submit annual report to the board on the district’s progress; 
    • an annual review by the board at a public meeting; 
    • an annual report posted on district and campus websites; and 
    • specific, quantifiable, annual goals for five years at each campus.

    Early childhood plans are required to include:

    • annual goals for aggregate student growth on 3rd-grade math and reading STAAR; 
    • annual targets for students in each group evaluated under closing the gaps domain;
    • targeted professional development for classroom teachers in kindergarten through 3rd grade for campuses that the board identifies as not meeting the plan’s goals and that considers the unique needs of students in bilingual education or special language programs.
    • annual targets that may be set for students in bilingual or ESL programs.

    College, career, and military readiness plans are required to include:

    • annual goals for aggregate student growth on CCMR readiness indicators evaluated under the student achievement domain; and
    • annual targets for students in each group evaluated under closing the gaps domain.a


    BISD HB 3 Goals

  • Cynthia Bills

    Director of Advanced Academics and College & Career Readiness



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