Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Cherie Manning

Mrs. Manning is entering her 25th year in education, but her first year as Agriculture Teacher. She will be teaching Principles of Ag,Floral Design and Wildlife,Fisheries and EcoMan. She will aslo be the Goat Project teacher and will serve as one of Champions FFA advisors. 

Mrs. Manning has a diverse background in education, including teaching first grade, second grade, third grade in elementary. She has taught Reading and English in middle school and the past ten years she was a Gifted and talented Specialist. Mrs. Manning also has her Master's Degree in Education and Administration.

Mrs. Manning has passion for teaching and loves sharing her knowldge about animals. She is also a firm believer that it is okay to make mistakes as long as you learn and grow from those mistakes. 

A Day Schedule:

1st- Principles of Ag      Google Classroom Code (6b6mqkm)

2nd- Principles of Ag     Google Classroom Code (oijimzs)    

3rd- Floral Design          Google Classroom Code (mnk72cw)

Advisory                         Google Classroom Code (6u6bnu6)


B Day Schedule:

5th-Wildlife, Fisheries and EcoMan   Google Classroom Code (bf7jjnc)

6th - Conference

7th- Floral Design          Google Classroom Code (s653qta)

8th- Floral Design          Google Claaroom Code (c4dgumk)