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  • Test Anxiety

    Test Anxiety is the uneasiness and tension that a child feels before, during, or after a test due to uncertainty or fear of failure. Most children experience some level of anxiety during an exam. A little nervousness can actually motivate a child to study and perform well. However, when anxiety interferes with test taking, causing students to "blank out," have trouble paying attention, and/or limit their ability to think clearly, absorb, retain or recall information, it has become an issue that requires attention. 
    Helping Your Child Manage Test Anxiety
    Reducing Test Anxiety
    11 Test Anxiety Tips

  • What you say in the Counseling Office stays in the counseling office.

    In order to build a relationship and trust with students, what is discussed in individual counseling remains confidential.

    What information needs to be told to parents, other helping professionals, and/or school officials?

    Situations involving:

    • Harm to yourself

    • Harm to other people

    • Pregnancy

    • Threats to school safety

    • Information requested by a valid subpoena (Court System)