Mr. Darik Forrest

Phone: (830)357-2779


Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. Darik Forrest

Darik Forrest has been in education for three years. He has taught World Geography in SAISD, then spent a year as a substitute teacher in NISD and NEISD before finding a home at Champion teaching Economics and AP Economics. His 24-year career in the Army exposed him to a variety of people and cultures as well as providing a strong foundation of interpersonal skills that he brings to his classroom instruction. Darik enjoys helping students realize how economics influences their lives every day.



A-DAY                                                     B-DAY

1st Period                                                 5th  Period

Free Enterprise Economics                    Free Enterprise Economics

2nd Period                                               6th  Period

AP Macro Economics                               Free Enterprise Economics

3rd  Period                                                7th  Period

AP Macro Economics                               AP Macro Economics

4th Period                                                 8th Period

Conference  Period                                Conference  Period