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  • For the most current pricing on technology hardware, visit this site:

    Current Technology Quotes


    Need Assistance/Questions:

    Email: Jeremiah or Anna

    Technology Dept: (830) 357-2100



  • Submitting Grants for Technology Hardware


    We are excited that you are including technology hardware in your grant request! Follow the steps below to ensure that the hardware you request meets District standards and will work best once you receive the winning grant!

    STEP 1: Collaborate with your campus team to determine which technology hardware would best be implemented to showcase fun and collaborative learning in the classroom. 

    Please be aware that obtaining a quote from us does not guarantee automatic approval of your grant. It is to help with the approval process.

    STEP 2: Once decided on the technology hardware request, do not forget to include the total cost of the equipment on your application. To get current pricing, visit our NEW Technology Hardware website!  Click on the link to the left for "Current Technology Quotes."  

    Note: Price changes on hardware happen frequently. If your grant is awarded you will need to revisit the Technology Hardware website or contact the Technology Department for current pricing.

    STEP 3: We are able to get custom quotes from our vendors if your technology hardware request is not available.  Please contact us at least two weeks before your grant is due to give us time to get a vendor quote.  Remember this is a busy purchasing season and we want to make sure we have time to get everyone's requests in.  

    We wish you the best of luck with your grant!