Boerne Education Foundation Grant - Technology Guidelines

Teacher Grants
  • Guidelines for Submitting Grants Including Technology Hardware


    We are excited that you are considering including technology hardware in your grant request submission!  We want to make the part of selecting and pricing out hardware as simple as possible so you can get your application completed and submitted in a timely fashion.  We also want to ensure that any hardware you include meets District standards and will work well once you receive that winning grant!  To help, please follow these steps as you work on your grant submission.


    STEP 1: Work with your campus team to determine which technologies will work best in enhancing learning in your classroom.  If you need help exploring options, or have some questions you need answered, please feel free to email or call Technology Services.


    STEP 2: Once you have decided on the hardware you want to request, you will need to include the total cost of that equipment on your application.  To get current pricing, visit our new Technology Hardware website!  Click on the link on the left for "Current Technology Quotes."  The most common items purchased are listed here. 

    Please note that pricing for these types of items changes frequently.  In the time it takes to apply for the grant, have it reviewed and ultimately awarded, the prices may change.  If your grant is awarded you will need to revisit the site for current pricing before actually placing your order.  


    STEP 3: If you do not see the hardware you want to purchase on our site - just email us or give us a call!  We will get a custom quote for you.  Make sure to call at least three weeks before your grant is due to give us time to get your quote.  This is a busy purchasing season and we want to make sure we have time to get to everyone's requests.  


    Thank you for following these simple steps and we wish you the best of luck with your grant!