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High School Choice

  • Boerne High School, front of school

    Boerne ISD students have the option of choosing either Boerne High School or Boerne-Samuel V. Champion High School when submitting course requests as an incoming ninth grader OR upon enrollment with BISD.

    Rules for the choice option are as follows:

    1. Boerne ISD reserves the right to revoke or deny a transfer if the receiving school becomes overcrowded (once a school reaches 90% capacity) and/or if other circumstances merit reconsideration. At the discretion of campus administrators, approval of a transfer may be revoked at any point during the school year if a pattern of poor student attendance, excessive tardies and/or other behavior problems occur after the transfer is granted.
    2. BISD high school attendance boundaries closely match those of the middle schools. Students living in the Boerne Middle School South attendance zone are also in the Champion High School zone; those living in the Boerne Middle School North attendance zone are also in the Boerne High School zone. Exception: students living in the Capt. Mark Tyler Voss Middle School attendance zone are split between Champion and Boerne High School.
    3. The choice option is only available to students when enrolling as incoming ninth graders or for those students new to the district.
    4. If the student elects to attend the campus for which they are zoned, bus transportation is available. Should the student elect to attend the campus outside their attendance boundary, their family would be responsible for providing transportation to and from the campus.
    5. If a student zoned for BHS/CHS is granted an intradistrict transfer to CHS/BHS, the student will not be given intradistrict transfer considerations in order to return to BHS/CHS. The student must remain at their chosen campus while attending high school in Boerne ISD. Extenuating circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis through the transfer appeal process. 

    Contact Administrative Services at (830) 357-2011 or  by email if you have any questions about High School Choice.

    Championg High School, front of school

    Eligibility for UIL varsity competition may be impacted by high school choice, and UIL guidelines ( shall be followed for all extracurricular activities.

    Currently Enrolled StudentsIf a current BISD high school student transfers to another school, the student is not eligible for varsity UIL competition until he/she has been in and regularly attended that school for a calendar year. For example:  My student is currently a freshman playing varsity soccer at CHS. If they transfer to BHS, they must sit out from varsity competition for a calendar year if they move to BHS. 

    Incoming freshmen students are eligible for UIL competition at the school of choice upon enrollment. 

    Please see the UIL Constitution & Contest Rules at, under the General, Sub-Chapter M, Section 440, Section (B) 4.

    Should you require clarification on BISD guidelines with relation to UIL participation, please contact Stan Leech by email or by telephone at (830) 357-2133.