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  • Boerne ISD is a fast-growth school district in a vibrant and active development region of Central Texas. In an effort to mitigate overcrowding at our campuses, BISD must endeavor to level and balance the enrollment at each school. Thus, the district may grant only a limited number of transfers from one school to another within BISD. This is necessary because our constantly growing community forecasts overcrowding difficulties in every attendance area.  As of April 2020, the only elementary campuses eligible to accept 2020-21 transfers based on projected enrollment include Fabra, Curington, Herff, Cibolo Creek, and Fair Oaks Ranch.

    Please realize that re-zoning of attendance areas will be a necessity every 3 to 5 years and no area of Boerne ISD is temporarily or permanently immune. Parents who live in Boerne should expect their children could be re-zoned several times during their K-12 experience.

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