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  • Calendar Updates

    We are excited to announce a few additions to our Spring 2021 calendar that will provide needed relief to our amazing teachers and students:

    January 6 - Student Holiday/Teacher Professional Development

    January 7 - Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day

    February 12 - Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day

    March 5 - Student Holiday/Teacher Work Day

    Please note: Winter break for students will now be from December 18th to January 8th (a regularly scheduled holiday). Classes resume on Monday, January 11th for both In-Person and E-Learning.

    To view the updated 2020-21 calendar please click here.

    We appreciate everyone’s hard work and are proud to adjust the schedule to fit their needs. Thank you to our Board of Trustees for approving this plan, and many thanks to the committee members who helped determine how best to use some of our built-in overage minutes.

    The 2021-2022 School Year calendar was approved by the Boerne ISD Board Of Trustees on Monday, December 14, 2020.

    2021-2022 BISD Calendar (DRAFT - Approved 12/14/2020)

    2021-2022 BISD AB Calendar (DRAFT - Approved 12/14/2020)

  • Calendar FAQ


    Q: Are we starting earlier next year? The draft calendar says 7:25 AM for Elementary and 8:25 AM for Secondary.

    A: School start and dismissal times will remain 7:35 AM - 3:00 PM for Elementary and 8:35 AM - 4:00 PM for Secondary. The 7:25 AM and 8:25 AM reflect our operational minutes. 

    The PDF embedded below reflects the student start and dismissal times.

    Q:  It looks like the calendar has 8.9 extra days built in .  I understand the built-in days replaced the bad weather days according to the FAQs, and I completely agree with the reasoning. However, in the past, we had nowhere near this number of bad weather days, and often did not need to use them.  Why is it necessary to build in so many?  

    A: To explain the calendar and student minutes for next year, we have to go back to earlier in this school year. Our original 2020-2021 Calendar had 1,790 overage minutes (4.26 days) built in to accommodate school closures or weather-related late starts. Effective Tuesday, August 24, 2020, (the board met August 23 to approve this) we added 10 operational minutes per day going forward, increasing the overage to 3,470 (8.26 days). This was transparent to our BISD stakeholders, as the bell times did not change. This was done in preparation for possible closures due to COVID-19, allowing for school closures without having to make up time beyond the currently designated year end.

    For the 2021-22 school year, we are counting our operational minutes at 455 minutes per full day, 420 minutes for each professional development day between the first and last days of school, and 250 minutes for each half day. 

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