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    An important step in the college planning process is determining how to pay for your education.  Remember that the costs of going to college include not just the direct costs of tuition, fees, room, and board, but also indirect costs such as books, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses for clothing, laundry, entertainment, and recreation.  This FEDERAL STUDENT AID AT A GLANCE flyer can help answer some questions.  In addition, you may be eligible for many different types of aid, including:

    • Scholarships:  Non-repayable awards based on merit, or merit plus need
    • Grants: Non-repayable awards based on need
    • Loans: Educational loans are available through private lending institutions, colleges, and the federal government.  Federal student loans have low interest rates with payments deferred while the student is enrolled in school.  Loans must be repaid.
    • Work-study Programs: Jobs that allow students to earn money for their expenses while they are enrolled in school.



    If you would like to request your counselor to write a letter of recommendation for either college admission or a scholarship, this purple packet must be completed and submitted to your counselor at least 3 weeks prior to the deadline (15 school days). Make sure the college/university requires a recommendation before requesting one. Not all schools require them!  In addition, we have linked a copy of the College Admissions Resume Template.  This tempate can help guide you when creating a college admissions resume when if and when needed.



    If you are planning on visiting a college or university during BHS School Hours, please be sure to supply Mrs. Barrios with a signed letter from the institution you visited showing your name and date of visit in order to excuse your absence.  You are allowed two college visits your Junior and Senior year.  Please contact Mrs. Barrios at 830-357-2206 for complete details.



    This year both Boerne High School and Champion High School will host a College Fair. Boerne High School's College Fair will be Tuesday, November 7, 2023, from 6:00pm-8:00pm and Champion High School's College Fair will be Monday, September 13, 2023, from 6:00pm-8:000pm.





     Visit this site to view the average costs for dependent students living off campus who enroll in 15 credit hours in both fall and spring.