• Boerne ISD Mathematics Mission

    The mathematical mission of Boerne ISD is to create an environment which enables the students to reach their full potential so that students:

    1. Develop a deep mathematical understanding rooted in practicality and real-life application:

    2. Become confident mathematicians, communicating mathematics in solving problems; and

    3. Demonstrate mathematical growth over time resulting in exemplary performance.

    Courses Available

    Algebra I

    Algebra I Pre-AP

    Algebra II

    Dual Credit College Algebra

    Algebra II Pre-AP 


    Geometry Pre-AP 


    Dual Credit Pre-Calculus

    Pre-Calculus Pre-AP 


    Algebraic Reasoning 

    AP Calculus 

    Dual Credit/AP Statistics 

    All courses are aligned with the TEKS (To see the specific TEKS for each course see website.) AP Calculus and AP Statistics are aligned with the College Board. See website for specifics.

    Faculty Math Department

    Camille Robinson

    Sarah Stone

    Sarah Newton

    Heather Shannon

    Craig Vieth

    Tracy Anderson

    Jill McKenrick

    Marilyn Jones

    Taylor Seaman