• Boerne ISD Mathematics Mission

    The mathematical mission of Boerne ISD is to create an environment which enables the students to reach their full potential so that students:

    1. Develop a deep mathematical understanding rooted in practicality and real-life application:

    2. Become confident mathematicians, communicating mathematics in solving problems; and

    3. Demonstrate mathematical growth over time resulting in exemplary performance.




    Courses Available at BHS

    Algebra I

    Algebra I Honors

    Algebra II

    Algebra II Honors


    Geometry Honors

    Algebraic Reasoning

    Dual Credit College Algebra


    Pre-Calculus Honors

    Dual Credit Pre-Calculus


    AP Statistics

    AP Calculus AB

    AP Calculus BC


    Courses Available via Shuttle to CHS

    Dual Credit Statistics

    Dual Credit Calculus I

    College Prep Math


    Faculty Math Department


    Camille Robinson

    Sarah Stone

    Sarah Newton

    Heather Saker

    Craig Vieth

    Tracy Anderson

    Taylor Seaman

    Breanna Wilson

    Jennifer Snelling

    Vicki Prater

    Ashlea Winsor